Mary Farley of Sequim writes about her Bowenwork™ experience with Stacy of Harmony Healing Arts:

In February of 2010, I fell down our ice-slicked front stairs and hit all 8 stairs with my backside on the way down. I was bruised and sore all over. After a couple of days, I developed a lump in my buttock and it became difficult to move my leg on that side. I was dragging the leg as I walked. To climb stairs, I would have to step up with the good leg and drag the other one up each step.

I went in to the clinic to see my regular Nurse Practitioner to see what could be done for the leg. After examining me, she thought I had a hematoma pressing on my sciatic nerve. She said it would take weeks for it to resolve and my leg would probably atrophy in that time. She would give me a referral for physical therapy to help the leg recover.

I went home depressed at the thought of no quick relief in sight. A day or so later, I saw an article in the local newspaper about Stacy Hopkins at Harmony Healing Arts and a short description of Bowenwork – which I had never heard of. I called her to see if there was any chance she could do something for my leg. I was able to get right in to see her.

At my appointment, as I lay on her treatment table, I wondered if I had made a mistake coming to see Stacy. She would come into the room, do a few gentle moves on my back, hips, legs, or ankles and leave the room for 10 minutes or so, while I just lay there. I thought this was nothing like the therapeutic massages or chiropractic treatments I had received in the past for other problems. At the end of the treatment, tho, when I got off the table, I was able to swing the bad leg back and forth with no restriction and walk normally again!

When I got home, I was able to run up the stairs 2 at a time!! It was an amazing difference with just one treatment. The hematoma did take weeks to fade away, but it did not cause me any more problems and I definitely did not need any physical therapy. I figured just one session with Stacy saved me weeks of misery. Best money I have spent in a very long time!!!

Jaie Arianna, writing about her Bowenwork™ experience with Stacy of Harmony Healing Arts:

I’m one to suffer in relative silence. I grew up doing community theater, so naturally our family motto is, “The Show Must Go On.” Well, I’m done keeping secrets. I’m going to spill the beans on this one. Since August of 2010, I’ve been challenged by a freak dance injury. After it happened, I saw a chiropractor in Connecticut which helped alleviate some of the pressure… but it didn’t fully resolve. I visited my Chiropractor in Port Angeles, but I found that even his adjustments were too much for my body. My amazing massage therapist in Santa Cruz said I needed to take a couple weeks off from dancing to let my gracilis muscle heal. I couldn’t do it; I kept dancing.

Last week, I was suffering. In addition to the tension in my hip joint, which has begun to limit our dance style, my lumbar spine was in agony. I could barely move without fear that I was going to rupture a disc or something. My spine felt like glass. I took extra MSM, and lots of soaks in the hot tub, and used EFT, Access Consciousness, and Energy Aikidoto address the spiritual causes of the pain. My partner said, “Maybe you need an adjustment or something.”

I agreed. I called Stacy at Harmony Healing Arts to schedule a Bowenwork Session. Yesterday was the day. I could feel my muscles begin to respond immediately to her gentle touches. I laid peacefully on her table and relaxed while my body began to heal itself. I knew right away that the tension I was storing was melting away, and the pain was disappearing. I felt so much better after my session that I promised to spread the word. This morning, doing my Sun Salutations, I didn’t even feel the urge to ‘pop’ my hip like I usually do. My lower back feels completely at ease and normal. I can hardly wait to go dancing this weekend!

Stacy’s goal as a healer is to get you off the table and out of the office. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how important dancing is to me, and last week when I was benched, I was really miserable. It is my exercise, it is a spiritual practice, it is creating Love with my partner. When I shared with her my fear of having to stop dancing from the pain, she said, “I can keep people dancing for the rest of their lives.” It may only take a couple of sessions, it may take a few months, but you definitely feel a difference within the first few weeks.

Marilyn Thomas of Sequim, WA, writing about her Bowenwork™ experience with Stacy of Harmony Healing Arts:

I’ve was a chiropractic ‘junkie’ for over 20 years. In recent years, my visits had increased to twice a month and sometimes as much as 2-3 times per week. It didn’t seem that I was resolving whatever was wrong with my body and I decided to try something else. I saw the ad for Bowenwork under Stacy’s  name in the local newspaper and called her for an appointment. Within 5-6 sessions I had no more pain and was standing straight once again. That was 18  months ago. I still visit Stacy every 3-4 months for ‘tweaking.’ I always walk  away feeling better about myself and my body. Although deemed by some as  non-traditional, Bowenwork has worked for me…..the fact that it is recommended  by some surgeons following surgery is a plus not to be ignored as well.  Sometimes a leap of faith can be a very, very good thing….