“The gentlest, most effective pain-relief ever.” – Dr. Robert J. Rowen

Bowenwork’s gentle moves promote healing on physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

People of all ages respond to Bowenwork according to what their bodies need. Bowenwork is extremely effective in helping with a variety of acute and chronic ailments, including back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions that often do not respond to more conventional approaches.

Bowenwork® is a holistic, soft-tissue technique that relaxes and returns the body to a healing state. A Bowenwork practitioner applies light pressure through a minimal number of precisely located moves or touches over tendons, muscles and nerve bundles. In response the body resets its various systems, bringing the person into balance and promoting healing and well-being.

Each person responds differently to a Bowenwork session.

Everyone responds to Bowenwork according to what his or her body needs in order to heal. Often a person’s body begins to respond almost immediately. In most cases, after only a few, gentle moves over muscle and other soft tissue, healing can begin on the physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

Bowenwork practitioners routinely see hundreds of conditions respond positively to Bowenwork. In addition to the many musculoskeletal conditions that improve, problems relating to respiration, digestion, reproduction, vitality, energy and even mood often respond as well.

Is Bowenwork right for you?

Bowenwork’s gentle, non-invasive nature is the key to its success, and attracts many people to it, whether they are interested in exploring Bowenwork as practitioners, to help with their own chronic or acute conditions, or to support the health of family and friends.

Bowenwork is gentle and safe. Anyone, from newborns to the aged and infirm, can safely receive a session, even if they cannot receive other types of body therapies.

Bowenwork’s gentle applicationmakes it very easy on the practitioner, and presents little risk of developing repetitive strain injuries and “absorbing” the effects of a client’s emotional and health issues, two situations that often contribute to burnout. Learn more about how Bowenwork benefits practitioners, whether certified professionals or those who work only on family and friends.

Bowenwork can be performed in many settings. No special equipment, lotions, or oils are needed, and it is generally performed through lightweight clothing rather than on bare skin.

About the Discovery of Bowenwork

Thomas Bowen of Geelong, Australia, was a self-trained osteopath who developed Bowenwork® over a period of several decades, working at first primarily with injured laborers and athletes. Bowen’s approach was to reset the tension in certain muscles and muscle groups by using a unique type of stretch-and-roll-through move, with specific pauses between sets of moves to give the body time to begin its response.

In the last years of his life, Bowen allowed several practitioners to observe him. He recognized only six of them as understanding his work. One of the six, Oswald (Ossie) Rentsch, developed notes to preserve and accurately represent Mr. Bowen’s work, and promised to make his work known around the world. Bowenwork is Rentsch’s interpretation of Mr. Bowen’s work.

Rentsch met the challenge of presenting Mr. Bowen’s work in a structured, teachable format with highly effective, easy-to-learn sets of procedures that address a wide range of conditions throughout the body. Today, Bowenwork (also known as Bowtech®) is taught in over 30 countries under the auspices of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA).