Q2 Water Energy

The Q2 Water Energy Spa (formerly known as the BEFE) is a revolutionary Hydro-Therapy system that was developed by Q-Tech Laboratories of Australia. The Q2 Energy Spa enhances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself.  Q2 therapy is based on the fact that all living things produce a form of organic electricity or bioelectricity.

The Q2 waterbath system is a relaxing, painless, safe, detoxifying process that effectively balances your meridians and realigns your body’s bioenergy by simply immersing your feet or your hands into the water for 35 minutes.

Benefits of Q2 Water Energy Spa Treaments are numerous and include:

Increased vitality and energy
Faster recovery time
Improved sleeping patterns
Increased well being
Dermal rejuvenation
Improved internal organ function
Improved metabolic function
Pain and stress relief
Reduced inflammation
Improved concentration